Need to be more of one mind?

You are a group, a team, a unit and you work together. But you want to do it more efficiently, with one mind and more results. Do you feel the need to get to know each other better? Maybe you want to tackle perceived roadblocks that may slow progress or prevent more productivity? Or a little morale boost, why not?


A meeting of minds

Group coaching is an ideal opportunity to move forward as a team as a result of what you bring to the table, while benefiting from the successes and challenges of the other group participants. Double the effect for half the effort. Yellow Brick helps you pave that road to group success.


As a result of group coaching you can achieve:

  • Better communication between group members.
  • A more thorough knowledge on and a deeper insight in work particulars.
  • Improved productivity from a better understanding of individual tasks and responsibilities.
  • An improved alignment to company objectives.
  • Motivated team members who are more aware of the group goals and aspire to reach them.

Key partner in driving the success – Arnaud Scaramanga, Entso-e

“My organisation, as all start-ups, has had some pretty intensive growth over the past years hiring talent from all over Europe. Yellow Brick has been a key player in implementing our HR strategy enabling us to get great performance from our staff. Their alignment and understanding of our needs, thanks to their large training portfolio and coaching expertise, make them a key partner in driving the success of our organisation.”Arnaud Scaramanga – Finance & HR ManagerENTSO - E A.I.S.B.L. – European Network of Transmission System Operators for ElectricityMORE TESTIMONIALS >

What makes group coaching so rewarding?

Group coaching by Yellow Brick weaves together the different opinions and strategies you will have devised yourselves. It consolidates them to achieve a shared direction that will lift the whole team to the next level:


  • The first step on the road toward changing and improving as a team is set by you. It starts with your definition of the playing field and your drive for change.
  • Through smart and sensitive questioning we get ‘the group spirit’ to work its magic. You raise the standards by challenging each other to create and implement dreams, ambitions and goals.
  • Tools structure the group’s reflection. They help define and break through silos and roadblocks to devise an action plan.
  • By synergising the energy and commitment from individual participants, future steps and plans are defined. You are all set.


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