Stuck in the middle?

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Like many before you, you find yourself stuck in the middle. You have come to realise that you are ready for change. Professionally you know what you don’t want any more. But you also  realise that this doesn’t automatically mean that you know what you do want. Right? Put an end to wishing and take action.



Moving forward

When you don’t want to go back and you can’t seem to move forward, Yellow Brick helps you in finding the road ahead. Through individual coaching you get:


  • A fresh perspective on your professional challenges
  • A different take on your personal situation
  • Enhanced decision-making skills
  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • Increased confidence, and...
  • A roadmap that helps you move forward towards a more satisfying place

Sparked new insights – Kim Dekeyser, GAMMA Belgium

“What I value in Hanne is her straightforward, no-nonsense approach. As a coach this instills confidence. She has successfully coached quite a few of my colleagues as well as myself, and sparked new insights.”Kim Dekeyser – Manager Human resource & facility managementGAMMA BelgiumMORE TESTIMONIALS >

What makes individual coaching individual?

Individual coaching at Yellow Brick is exactly that: individual. No one-size fits-all methods, no uniform moulds, no common denominator theories. There’s only one person we coach: you.


  • By asking the right questions and through attentive listening we aim to give you an outside view on who you are and how you function. On what makes you tick and what makes you stop. On what inspires you and what brings you down. But always with the utmost respect for who you are.
  • In a next step we help you to define specific needs and set relevant and realistic goals, based on your personality and your nature.
  • We then guide you in taking pragmatic and practical actions towards reaching your goals.
  • Finally, we assist you with continuous reflection on your evolution and achievements by sharing feedback with you along the way.


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